Sunday, July 12, 2009

A new type of pillowcase

A week or two ago I made an orange pillowcase for Sarah and I wanted to make her matching pajama pants... here's where I'm at so far.
I used this Instructable to make them. I think I need a pattern to make them well enough to be gifts but these will be fine for a first time try. While the directions are written well, I think I'm novice enough that I need more help than they give :)

My sister, her husband and her 3 boys (9, 9 & almost 12) are in town from the West Coast and they drove. They're spending the month of July here in the Mid-West. They brought travel pillows and my sister asked me to make some pillowcases for them. I've been making bed pillows so these slip covers were new for me but they turned out well. My sister, her husband and boys spent all day today at Fan Fest for the All-Star game today in downtown St. Louis. They were there for over 10 hours so to say the least... they're fans of baseball so these pillow cases seemed appropriate.

I just used a plain white pillow case that my sister had for one of the pillows as a template. To show how much of a novice sewer (is that the right word?) I am, I first cut the cream fabric wrong. My dad always says "measure twice, cut once." Where I went wrong is that I measured wrong... twice! So I had to piece it together to get it to work. I made sure it was pieced on the back and not the front. The first one I actually started sewing was the blue one and you're supposed to sew right sides together... yeah, I forgot about that so I spent some time with my seam ripper. Yep! This is all new to me! I'll get the hang of it eventually!

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  1. Those pillows look great! :) Good job! And the pants are really cute too. I have had a lot of luck by taking a pair of pants that fit my kids well right now, turning them inside out and using them as a pattern. I usually cut about 1/4 inch larger than the pants just in case (it's easier to take them in than rip them out! lol). I've done lots of Halloween costumes with this method and it works well.

    I'm excited to see what you do next! :)