Monday, July 13, 2009

Let me introduce you to my new friend

Have you met my new friend??? I don't know her name just yet but we met a few days ago and already I like her a lot! She's so versatile, easy to work with, nice to talk too! Here's a picture of her.

I was borrowing my mother-in-law's sewing machine and although it was working just fine for me it was a very basic machine with really no extras. My new machine is completely computerized and so much quieter! Before, my husband couldn't hardly hear the TV or music that was on if I was sewing and now it's no problem! Have I mentioned that I LOVE my husband? On my way out the door to pick out a machine he says to me, "Don't go cheap. Get whatever you want and spend some money." What a guy :) I could have gone well over $1,000 but I didn't even go close to that. I think I got a good price for a good machine and I'm happy. I got it from Winston Sewing Center and it comes with free classes that are really just 1:1 tutorials about the machine.

We're all sick at my house but I did manage to make a pillowcase tonight. It's the one in the picture above. It's my first flannel one as we've got some birthdays this fall to give gifts for! Again... I really need to work on the pants... maybe I'll do that next.

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