Monday, July 20, 2009

Joining a quilt along

Amanda Jean at Crazymomquilts is hosting a second quilt along for a 9 patch quilt that will turn out to be about a twin size. I think this is a great opportunity to work on Sarah's quilt that I've been wanting to make. She has details on her site but the gist of it is that you make one 9 patch every day for 70 days (5 days a week) and you'll be done! Except for sashing, sandwiching and binding of course :) But she gives you all the directions and everything which is so nice! Check it out if you get a chance! It starts today and I don't think I'll start on it just yet as I'm still on vacation. My sister-in-law doesn't have a rotary cutter and mat and with quilting it's very critical to get it all the right size so I'll start when I get home.

Each 9 patch uses (at least in all her examples) just 2 different fabrics and I thought about picking one fabric to use on each of the 9 patch squares and then I'd use some from my stash for the other fabric. Make sense? I thought it would provide some continuity to the quilt. Of course since it's for Sarah, I'll use some variety of pink I'm sure. Maybe another trip to JoAnn is in order... :)

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