Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ugh! The reason I haven't been blogging

Oh don't you just hate it when you screw something up so badly that you don't know what to do next so you just put it aside and act like it's not there. That's what I've done and it's gotten me so bummed! I love my orange quilt and while quilting it, I've screwed up. First of all, I should never have chosen to quilt as much as I have... second of all, I just wasn't paying attention! I can't decide if I should take out about 5 or 6 rows or what I should do.... I'll post pics later. It just depresses me so I haven't been wanting to blog about it.

I have been working on that advent calendar and that's going along good so far. I've also started a strip quilt that looks like the one on Old Red Barn's quilt along. It's all red and white and I love the fabrics I've chosen! Again, I'll post some pics later.


  1. You have a beautiful blog. Just fyi, pretty lady, I'm the commenter on the GroceryCC. I sent Gayle a long & question-filled comment and she pared it down to only the nasty bits! She didn't respond to ANY of my real questions! She proved to me she is a liar and misleading to all readers as she edited my comment drastically. Not that you care, but no, I didn't not have a concern only for "fruit"! I'm a mom of 2 kids and gave her cudos for only spending $60 a weeks as I spend way more for my husband & kids--and try to be frugal but healthy is pricey. She did NOT post any of my positive reinforcements!!

    Lovely lady, did you read the loving Christian positive comments I sent her? No, I didn't see them either. Gayle is misleading and not sure what her agenda was there and why she pared down and deliberately left out the good?? I had legitimate frugal questions and she turned it into an attack! So know that everything you read there is most likely pared down & she posts only select comments.

    Anyway, cute blog!
    Kind Regards :)

  2. re: your comment about the hoodie: It was easy in the sense that the pattern was easy to put together, the pictures were very clear, the wording was really simple, and the sewing was not difficult. It takes some patience, finding the middle of things and matching edges. The hardest part was the cuffs on the sleeves (because you are making it reversible. I have only used a handful of patterns but prefer these pdf patterns made by these women who sew them than the tissue ones in the store. Good luck and don't be afraid - just jump in with both feet and go for it - that's what I have been doing and sometimes I have to scrap something, but it gives me inspiration to keep getting better!